Social Contribution

Social Contribution

Knowledge is the key to reduce the poverty in Thailand. Next Step and our social contribution units are interested in building the knowledge based society for Thai especially in rural area.

This has to do along side with Children Brain Development during the early childhood, improving the nutrition value for people, promoting eating more plant based food as well as improving the moral of Thai people.

Children Brain Development 

We help mom and dad to develop their children based on human brain functions using the theory of Brain Based Learning, 1-3 years of early childhood (Numbering, social function, sign, language, visibility, response, hearing, emotional function, muscle ) and Executive Function (EF)

e-Listening Scholarship

We believed that the knowledge with help improve the well being of Thai people. So in year 2001 Next Step has join with Assumption University to provide 100 scholarships a year for those who watch Next Step documentary TV program. The scholarship helps a lot of student over the past 20 years to full-fill their needs.

Assumption University
e-Lisening scholarship


New Explorer Foundation

New Explorer foundation (A Next Step Social Contribution Unit) in collaboration with National Broadcasting and Telecom Commissioner (NBTC) develops the Production Training program for the new generation in up country nationwide to produce the local documentary TV program for local and nationwide audience.

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Moral Promotion Foundation

The Moral Promotion, a social contribution unit of Next Step will help building the good community by creating the environment of sharing and giving among Thai to create peace for the communities.