New Explorer Foundation

New Explorer Foundation

Who we are?

New Explorer Foundation is the non-profit organization of Next Step company. Back in year 2000, we started to broadcast documentary as half hour branded block on terrestrial TV channel 9 for children and Thai family. We found out that most of the TV audience are the poor families in Thailand who have less access to knowledge content. Unlike the rich families, they have access to knowledge content through pay TV. There is a huge gap between rich and poor people in Thailand.

Our Belief

People do not have choice to choose which family they will be born. They may be born in poor or rich family. New Explorer Foundation aims to reduce the poverty between rich and poor in Thailand. The only way to help them is to provide them the knowledge and experiences to broaden their way of thinking so they will be able to help develop themselves and their own families.
However, terrestrial TVs in Thailand do not provide good TV content and documentary for children and family to support the children development.

Our Objectives

– To develop the media to help the children development and learning behavior
– To promote activities to bring back the drug addict people who are already cure to return to society
– To develop the media to promote the equality of disable people in the society
– To coordinate with other non-profit organizations for the benefit of the public
– No activity related to political

How it works

New Explorer Foundation does not ask for the donation from the public but Next Step company will provide the funding to New Explorer Foundation so that the non-profit organization will be able to do the activities according to the objectives. Next Step company is a social enterprise company with self-funding from the sponsorship not from the government. We create the knowledge TV platform called Good TV for Thai people as segmentation content to fit with every lifestyle.

Children Brain Development

in Early Years

The early years of children development is foundation for everyone, and it is important for age 0-3, 4-8 and 9-12 years. We are aiming to develop the content to fit with those audiences. New Explorer foundation will fulfil the gap for those who needed but no ability to get access or support. This is the concept of how we use content to develop the children