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Good TV

Good TV is the prepaid pay TV via satellite, a HD satellite platform with the only HD Satellite TV Platform in Thailand with latest technology of H.265 HEVC, broadcasting via satellite with foot print covering Thailand, Myanmar, Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam.

More than 70% of households in Thailand are watching TV through satellite TV set top box with SD technology.

Good TV objective is to replace the old SD with HD technology. Unlike OTT or IPTV, Good TV is available to 23 million households in Thailand with 2 television sets per household. They can connect us via satellite dish without worrying about internet connection and additional cost on top, no convergence with other services and no contract. It is a prepaid model.

We provides 6 types of content as follows:

  1. Digital terrestrial TV in high quality HD where available
  2. World class movies and series from Fox International
  3. World class documentary from National Geographic
  4. Children program for kid 0-4 years old from Baby TV
  5. Thai local content channels produced by Next Step in Thai voice language (90% of Thai population understand Thai language)
  6. Sport is available through digital terrestrial TV


Good TV is joining with Sony TV to enhance all Sony big screen over 55 inches with Best in HD1080p quality signal. It helps improve customer satisfaction with the quality of Sony screen. The color and shading is even better with 4K UHD screen.

Good TV Uniqueness

  1. Good quality content

Good TV provides world class HD movies, series and documentary with the major local content production from Next Step for Thai audience in Thai voice language

  1. Best in HD 1080p

Good TV provides the best in HD picture

  1. Affordable price

Good TV aims to reach more on middle class mass consumer at USD 8 per month